Astonishment and concern are two emotions felt by millions of Americans after Donald Trump was elected President, and for good reason.
His campaign thrived off inspiring prejudice, hate, and fear into the hearts of his supporters, and it obviously worked – proving that the white supremacist population within America is still well and alive.
Now by this, I am not saying that every Trump supporter exemplifies the same characteristics that Trump does, but they do believe that a man with these qualities can effectively run a country.
They believe Trump provides “hope” and is a “perfectionist” that “has successfully run large corporations” so he is clearly deemed fit to run a country. Some of these opinions are formed based off intellect and reason, many, from bigotry.
Conor friedersdorf, a reporter from the Atlantic, interviewed dozens of Trump supporters at a rally back in august, to which he received a variety of responses from supporters.
“I’m a young guy who is immature, a bit antisocial, and with no plans for kids or a wife ever. At some level, I don’t really care how things go with America as long as it’s fun to watch.”
“I’d vote for the candidate purely for the comedic value.”
“While he might not deliver on his promises, he would certainly be a bull in the China shop of contemporary American politics, which has long needed destroying and rebuilding.”
“He leads an enormous, diversified organization that is worth billions. This requires leadership. Leadership, by the way, is different from knowledge. When you lead a large organization you set vision, goals and expect results. You do not know every detail of every level of your organization. You can’t. The world is just too complicated. You delegate and empower. You can get information when you need it and the president has no shortage of people ready to educate him on issues.”
When these people were asked why they supported Trump, their reasons varied. Some enjoy his authenticity, some his leadership, others just simply don’t care, which represents a flaw in the American idea itself. See, when you are still one of the most powerful, and successful countries on the world, people simply don’t care as much about politics because they can’t see it affecting them. This is why you don’t see massive anti-establishment public demonstrations within America because people have generally okay living standards.
The reason America has gotten to where it is today is because they haven’t had a massive social uprising since the Revolution.
Thus, people vote for Trump because he disrupts the norm, he shakes up the political system that the populace is clearly tired of.
I like to distinguish Democratic voters and Republican voters (at least in this election) into two categories: 1. Conservative approach, where the state maintains the status quo and avoids social disruption. Or 2. Liberal approach, where the state alters the status quo and welcomes change, mainly social change.
Racism is still fully alive in America, so what better way to come face to face with your problems than to elect a President that is proven to be racist? It will force supporters to rethink their values and it will inspire action in the vast opposition to take more of a stand against the lingering social problems in the country.

Yes, Trump will provide a much-needed social shift in America, which can either move the country forward, or tear it to pieces. But more importantly, what will he actually do in terms of policy? How will he handle foreign relations? How will he oversee an economy and deal with climate change? These are questions that didn’t surface enough during the campaign run, or at least, weren’t sensationalized the way the personal drama between Trump and Clinton were.
The problem with the current candidacy format as it correlates to the mainstream media outlets is that the media prioritizes top-selling stories: it is a for-profit industry after all. The media won’t show you the snippets where Trump and Clinton speak on policy, on actual President action, instead, they take jabs at another for petty mistakes they have made in the past.
This doesn’t teach the American populace what they are getting in a President. In my opinion, the candidacy format only rewards those candidates who can win over the media, and bully the other candidate to making a mistake.
I dare you, ask a Trump supporter what his foreign policy plan is, what are his views on climate change? Gay Marriage? Economy plans? Law and Order? Military?
Chances are, they don’t have a damn clue. Because they didn’t vote for a proven leader, they voted for a narcissistic bully, one who they fear, yet idolize at the same time.
The fact that Trump perpetuates fear and hate into his supporters and opposition alike, is highly concerning. Racial issues are only going to be heightened if Trump continues his comments without regard to the minorities, and the citizens of America will only be drawn further and further apart from each other.
Even more concerning is the realization that some of his policies are downright illegal and unconstitutional, and if he decides to go through with some of his projections, he will be taken to court. It’s one thing for a President to inspire social unrest, but it’s another thing for their policies to potentially hurt the future of their nation.
In his defense, Trump does have some good policies, but as I have stated before, he needs to be careful in how he implements these decisions or else he could jeopardize important relationships with several countries (we’re looking at you, China).
His downright ignorance towards acceptance of political normality is what got him this presidency, but it is also what will get him impeached. See, winning an election is far different than running a country. One consists of gaining as much publicity and attraction as possible, while the other proves to be quite the opposite.
I highly doubt that Trump, being the businessman that he is, will act in such a childish manner once in office – I just can’t fathom it. I believe he fully understands the importance and prestige that comes with being the President of the U.S.A, and I truly believe he will put forth a respectable effort towards leading this country.
However, as of now, his actions make it hard to me to fully believe he will live up to be even a mediocre President.
Overall, I believe that a Trump presidency is good for America. It will give people time to think about what their true political beliefs are so that they can vote in a much more attractive prospect next term. For now, however, the main speed bump that America has to overcome is the lingering threat of increased social inequality within America.
The very thing that Donald Trump used to gain political foothold, is what could potentially tear the nation apart, I just don’t want to see it happen.

Good Luck Donald Trump, but most importantly, Good Luck to America.

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David McDonald

David McDonald

David is a 19-year-old Canadian student currently attending the University of Guelph. He currently studies Public Management and economics with hopes of one day becoming an accomplished journalist. David enjoys reporting on global events and actively try to make a difference in the world.
David McDonald


  1. Cherry-picked comments about trump supporters. “In his defense, Trump does have some good policies, but as I have stated before, he needs to be careful in how he implements these decisions or else he could jeopardize important relationships with several countries (we’re looking at you, China).” You don’t specify which policies you like yet you question whether trump supporters know what his policies are. “His campaign thrived off inspiring prejudice, hate, and fear into the hearts of his supporters, and it obviously worked – proving that the white supremacist population within America is still well and alive.” Yet Obama got 96% of the black vote so does that mean there is a black supremacist population too? Trump is a proven racist…right, how so? There is documented emails where Hillary Clinton calls blacks “super predators”.

    • You totally have a point saying that I don’t state any specific policies that Trump has – I intend to release an article in the coming weeks that detail his policies so you should look out for that.

      And if you want me to prove that Trump is a borderline racist, I’m going to say that I wont waste my time. If you can’t come to the conclusion that Trump has done some insanely racist things, you may want to do more research…

  2. Excellent article. I don’t follow politics too much but I did with this election. I was not impressed with either of the candidates and one of them had to win; shocked at the winner! We, as Canadians, will also be dealing with his actions as President having such a great working relationship with the USA in the past. Time will tell. Maybe the next 4 years will go fast!

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