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White House

Immigration Executive Order – Foreign Terrorism

The White house did not provide on its website the full text of its Executive order related to foreign terrorism, but they did share...
Kathleen Wynne Calls Rising Hydro Prices In Ontario, "Her Mistake"

Kathleen Wynne Calls Ontario Hydro Prices “Her Mistake.”

Overview In late November 2016, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne grabbed some attention by admitting she had made a mistake by “not paying close enough attention...
Hyperinflation in Venezuela

Hyperinflation in Venezuela A Result of Socialism

  Overview In mid-December, the Venezuelan government surprised its citizens by withdrawing from circulation the 100-bolívar note, its largest and most used bill, with only 72...
Greece Financial Crisis

The Greece Financial Crisis, Explained

Overview Of The Greece Financial CrisisThousands gather in Greece for protests The Greek crisis began in late 2009, triggered by the turmoil of the...

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