I am very excited to announce the release of my first book, A Global Convergence!

After a year and a half of writing on The Global Millennial, I’ve written almost 300 economics-based pieces that have culminated in my first book. I started writing because I felt that uni courses, especially at the undergrad level, only expose you to a fraction of any subject and I really wanted to know if economics was right for me before pursuing an expensive major.

My works have been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Apple News, but nothing compares to creating something tangible that will stand the test of time. I can safely say that although I am still very new to the world of economic thought, I feel that this book can serve as a great introductory read to anyone that is interested in exploring economics, politics, environmentalism, societal trends, and how to foster a more sustainable future for all of humanity.

The book dives into the globalization discussion with a particular focus on how economic theory and history can help answer one pressing question: Has globalization been helpful or detrimental to the sustainability of our planet, and advancement of our species?

The discussion begins with a brief, yet detailed summary of the history of global trade. Although it is difficult to say when true globalization began, I argue that the framework for international trade was established much sooner than some may expect.

A majority of the book focuses on globalization in the 21st century. I discuss the impact of internationalism on various regions and their subsequent powers; Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America are all discussed in detail throughout the book with reference to many notable events that continue to be important points of discussion to this day. Brexit, climate change, the financial collapse of 2008, China’s role in the global economy, and the threat of nuclear war are all notable topics strung throughout this work. Authentic, controversial, and rigorously documented, A Global Convergence delivers an indispensable discernment of today’s central issues in a way that anyone can enjoy.

I am running a 5-day promotional period where the book will be FREE starting tomorrow. If anyone can spare a few moments to download the book and give a good review it will really help the book get ranked in search engines!

Thank you to my family and friends who have been supportive of my writing thus far, and of course, all of the readers who continue to visit The Global Millennial. you guys are awesome!


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