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A collection of articles that cover the economic situation within the United States

oil market

Top 5 Things To Know About The Oil Market

Actions taken by industrialized nations to lessen global warming by curtailing the use of fossil fuels gained momentum in June 2015.The leaders of...

Trump and Trade Do Not Go Well Together

Donald Trump came out recently with arguably his first real decision on his relatively protectionist, isolationist and anti-globalist foreign policy. He decided to withdraw the...
work/life balance

Work/Life Balance and Productivity

Work / life equilibrium When fate and reality met life they met at an equilibrium. I find it fascinating. Looking at us all running around....
supply side economics

Supply-Side Economics: An Effective Approach For Countering Stagflation?

 Saturday, April 29th 2017 Article By: David McDonald As consumers, we all fear the dreaded inflation, but we rarely hear economists discussing the even more damaging stagflation. For those...
detroit's economic future

The American Dream: Detroit’s Economic Future

 Overview If one could epitomize the phrase “could have been” in one simple image, it would indubitably be the image of Detroit.The unyielding forces of...
pablo escobar

The Not-So-Surprising Truth About Which Skills Pay ‘The Most’ Per Hour

    This topic reminds me of my first semester Microeconomics class in University this year. I remember sitting there, listening half-heartedly to my professor talk about supply...
What makes gold valuable?

What Makes Gold Valuable?

Gold is expensive the same reason silver is more expensive than copper; different metals have different properties, characteristics, and uses by humans.Think about it,...
why does medicine cost so much in america?

Why does medicine cost so much in the U.S?

Flickr/Images Money IntroductionAfter a brief analysis of the U.S healthcare system and how it is structured, I came to find that like any other privatized...

The Wealth Disparity In America Shows How Unequal The Nation Really Is

Introduction The notion that almost half of the wealth in America is in the hands of 1% of the population is widely known, but still...

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