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A collection of Articles that aim to dive into economics as a study. You can find basic economic theory to advanced economic theory here.


Resurgence Of The Keynesian Economic Theory

Introduction  In the tumultuous global macroeconomic climate, which we find ourselves in today, people are increasingly looking back in time at the ideas of one...
economic stability

What Makes An Economy ‘Stable?’

There are a number of different factors that affect the economic stability of a country, such as the development of technology, human capital, levels...
economic system

What Are The Different Types Of Economic Systems?

There are four main types of economies in today’s world. 1. Traditional Economic System A traditional economic system is the best place to start because it...
consumer surplus

What Is A Consumer Surplus?

  Consumer surplus is basically an economic measure of consumer benefit, which is calculated by analyzing the difference between what consumers are willing and able...
monetary policy

Monetary Policy Explained

 Every country has a central bank, well, about 99% of all nations have one. Central banks control interest rates on money and thus, determine...

How Important Is It To Understand Inflation?

Understanding Inflation is Crucial. Everybody should understand the basics of inflation in order to form educated opinions on their country’s monetary and fiscal policies, as...
benefits of taxation

The Hidden Benefits Of Taxation

Sunday, May 7th 2017 Article By: Charles St. Pierre                              A large tax wedge...
Game Theory

Game Theory: A Gem Of Microeconomics

 Sunday, April 30th 2017 Article by: Shrey Srivastava Microeconomics has many captivating branches within it, but the newest and most exciting one has to be game...

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