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next financial crisis

Outlining The Potential Causes Of The Next Financial Crisis

Overview The next financial bubble is just about ready to burst and there is little that can be done about it. Think it can't happen? Then...
how did switzerland become so rich

Switzerland’s Recipe For Wealth

  Switzerland's Financial Success I’ve always wondered myself how The Swiss, being positioned in almost the centre of Europe, managed to stay relatively neutral during all...
Monaco wallpaper

Which Countries Will Have The Highest Standard Of Living In 30 Years?

Monaco City View From The Mountains - Monaco has the highest GDP Per Capita of any nation on Earth at $165,000 US dollars -...
traffic jams

Traffic Jams: An Economic Perspective

 You know the feeling.The skies are grey, and fat drops of rain batter your windscreen: it’s almost as if the sky’s crying for you....
global inequality

The Economics Of Global Income Inequality

Global Inequality: Avoidable? I was recently asked a question about income inequality and although the answer seemed obvious to me, I feel that not enough...

What Happens When A Country Declares Bankruptcy?

Introduction To Global Bankruptcy According to an article from USA Today, there are at least seven countries that could potentially go bankrupt in the near...
price discrimination

The Economics Of Price Discrimination

  What Is Price Discrimination And Why Does It Matter? If you’ve been to two different branches of the same retailer, one in the heart of London...
how stable is china's economy?

How Stable Is China’s Economy?

Overview Of China's Economy China’s economy appears stable and is expected to stay that way throughout 2017, unless a host of problems lurking below the...

Microfinance and It’s Challenges

  Introduction To Microfinance Microfinance in recent years has been touted as one of the most potentially effective poverty alleviation programs in the developing world. From the...
Hyperinflation in Venezuela

Hyperinflation in Venezuela A Result of Socialism

  Overview In mid-December, the Venezuelan government surprised its citizens by withdrawing from circulation the 100-bolívar note, its largest and most used bill, with only 72...

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