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The Global Millennial


Back in June 2016 I created a blog called ‘The World As I See It’ because I had a lot of ideas and opinions that I felt the need to portray on a platform where my voice could be heard.

I gravitated towards Google’s blogger platform, where I wrote articles for a few months on topics ranging from politics, economics, and the environment. I was enjoying the process, but I needed more flexibility with my platform.

So, I transferred all ten of my articles over to a wordpress blog under the same title, where I continued to collect my ideas and opinions up until now.

The free wordpress platform didn’t offer enough customization, so I decided to become a host of my own domain name, which saw the birth of globalmillenial.com

The core inspiration for this website remains the same from when I began writing back in June; I needed a platform to express my ideas and opinions on the World around me. But now, under my own domain, there is more to be accomplished.

I named this website The Global Millennial because I myself am a millennial, and I am interested in what is happening not just in Canada, but around the globe. But I wanted to go one step further and create a platform where other millennial’s can express their ideas too.

The goal for this website isn’t just for my work to shine – it is here for all of us.

Why write articles about global events?

I have gained so much from writing articles this past 6 months, and I think you can too.

Not only have I deepened my understanding of the world around me on topics like policy and society, economics – both domestic and international, as well as the environment, but I have drastically improved my writing skills, as well as nearly cut the time it takes to write a 3,000-word piece in half.

Not to mention, the feedback I get from people that live all around the world is inspiring. I have had people from Australia, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, India, England, The U.S, and more, contact me about my work – all of which has been positive, constructive feedback.

It brings a smile to my face knowing that every article I produce will be read by people living all over the world. It reminds me that I am one step closer to making an actual positive impact on our planet.

I truly believe our generation cares a lot about the well-being of our species and our planet as a whole. I think millennials are much smarter and much more technologically adapt than our predecessors, and we will use these skills to make our planet better, and more sustainable for generations to come.

However, I believe that in order to make an impact on the world, you must first have a general curiosity for the things going on, as well as a concrete knowledge that will guide you to success in whatever it is you accomplish in life.

So, If you are a millennial,  I challenge you to step back and observe our world. Create your OWN ideas and opinions and then channel those thoughts into something worthwhile — something that you can put on the internet and share with the world, The Global Millennial provides a platform that will allow you to accomplish this.

If you are interested in posting on TGM, please contact me for more information.

Enjoy the articles, and thanks for visiting.


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