There is no doubt that North Korea, now, with a more advancing technology system, has increasingly become a total threat for the world’s security. But why it has to happen, is still another question to detail over.

There has numerous reasons for such nuclear race by the DPRK regime to continue its nuclear warhead dream, especially if we have witnessed why North Korea has threatened to nuke Guam, an American base outside the U.S. mainland, or its attempt to seek for a total strike to mainland U.S., and needless to say, it is not because of Trump anyway, but it happens so long ago, since the first nuclear test by North Korea happened at 2006, the era of George W. Bush.

North Korea has always seen the United States and its allies, notably South Korea, Japan and Israel, as its enemies and this communist state of North Korea is “the few last bastion of freedom against evil capitalism”. For North Korean regime, there’s no talking with the United States and its buddies, as North Korea believes everything to deal with the U.S. “must be done by blood and war“. It was built from the Korean War, the war which Kim Il-Sung, founder of DPRK, launched to reunite Korea that has divided Korea to two, and they just have an armisticle, not peace treaty for reunification.

North Korea also views South Korea “American puppet”, like the same way the North Vietnam’s Communist regime viewed South Vietnam. North Korea viewed North Vietnam’s successful invasion, by breaking the Paris Accord 1973, as a good reason to do another similar thing on South Korea. On my understanding, there is no reason to trust at all, and they believed the collapse of South Korea would go like South Vietnam’s collapse.

On another side, North Korea might have witnessed total collapse of majority Communist bloc at 1989, when Russia and Eastern Europe turned away from communism. While North Korea is not exactly Communist, because of Juche, it still views the Bloc as its key connection. The loss of the bloc caused famine at 1994-1997, resulted to 1-2 million deaths, turned North Korea as “Hermit Kingdom”; or the collapse of total dictatorships in other nations like Saddam’s Iraq, Taliban’s Afghanistan, or Milosevic’s Serbia, also risk the ability of North Korea.

The collapse of Berlin Wall at 1989, marked the end of communism in large scale

North Korea understands that, the only way to remain is total suppression, no matter what it cost, is their key survival when everyone looks on North Korea as an international joke. They also need a country as its target for this, and the United States and its allies, are one of them. The big chunk casted by North Korea to save the face of the collapsing regime.

At another side, this can be considered as the key’s power for the power of Kim Dynasty. The Kim family, which has ruled North Korea since 1948, had passed to the Third Heir, and both of them, having seen how the world developed so far, feel a significant resentment over the development, when they are known to be poorer than entire of the world. This is the reason why North Korea attempts to develop nuclear weapon, even it costs the lives of million people.

The Kim family, from three generations

In this case, all of three rulers, having no authorities mean the end of them. Neither they have international recognition, nor just say, total authorities in entire of Korean peninsula, as no South Koreans and oversea Koreans would support such a regime that ruled in the name of a narcissist. This caused the Kim family to have only few choices. And they chose reunification, but in a dangerous meaning.

Developing nuclear weapon is North Korea’s choice. To eliminate South Korea, to eliminate every countries surround them that the Kims see as threats like Japan. And it is still happening now.

On the other side, major nations in the world, notably the U.S., are confused what would North Korea do next. Because they know that under Kim III, North Korea is much harder and harder to predict. Prior to the Trump’s Administration, there exists a lot of paranoia from DPRK. Neither Bush to Obama have abilities to prevent it, let alone Trump.

China, due to historical reason for sending troops defending the Kim family, they are determined not to abandon North Korea. Any attempt that could destroy DPRK would be immediately become a nightmare for China. China borders over 2.500 km with North Korea, which mean a significant number of refugees would have fled from North Korea to China if the Kim family collapsed. That’s why China is divided whatever to keep North Korea or not. On the same time, China is accused for not doing enough to prevent North Korea owning such dangerous nuclear warhead.

To sum up: it’s unclear what is North Korea of the Kim dynasty heading too. But indeed one thing, a war will return in anytime. And that’s what neither people from both sides want.

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