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A collection of articles that explore modern day policies, as well as how they interact with society, whether domestically or internationally.

India and the struggle at the Security Council

India has been a critical part of the United Nations ever since its conception.  Yet, after countless tries to be a permanent member it…

Increased Defence Spending: Helpful Or Detrimental To The US Economy?

Military spending is one area where there is no private solution to replace the public purse. No single corporation or group of citizens is…

How the United States justice system is flawed

Justice. The truth, however, is that the court system is flawed in just about every way imaginable. The courts are in the practice of…

Funding the war in Syria

An explosion in Kobani during a reported suicide car bomb attack by the Islamic State in 2014. The United States has supported Syrian Kurds…

Should The US exit the Paris Climate Agreement?

Saturday, May 6th, 2017 Article By: Manas Chawla Industrialization has created a world of economic opportunity but at the same time, added to the perpetual destruction…

Freedom of speech should be celebrated by governments

  The emergence of new pluralist groups seeking to influence the general public and seeking to educate the public are heavily criticized by the government….

Culture And Economics: A Compelling Interrelation

What is culture? What is economics? How are these two concepts intertwined? We all identify with one certain culture, that of which we were raised….

Want Companies To Change? Make Them

 Hour after hour, day after day, month after month, it seems that people are continually finding new reasons to chastise corporations with malicious intentions….

Steps To Poverty Alleviation In India

Step foot (carefully) on the streets of the Delhi megalopolis and you’ll find an explosion of colour and a cacophony of all sorts of weird…

Wag the Dog

The past few days have been full of so-called coincidences in the Middle East that can’t help but to raise eyebrows in the post-Iraq…

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