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Thanks for considering a writing opportunity at The Global Millennial. The Global Millennial is a think-tank for economic discussion. We provide in-depth articles with a focus on international economic and political relations. Our team consists of writers of various countries and ages. If you are a motivated individual who wants to learn more about economics, finance, and politics, you will fit in perfectly with The Global Millennial community!

We are a small community poised for big results; I began reaching out to people to come write for my website in the beginning of May, 2017, and the overall positive response I have received is outstanding. Our viewership and potential exposure is growing every day as new writers join the website. I hope you can become one of them!



You will learn more about the world that you could have ever thought by reading, writing, and interacting with like-minded individuals. “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” – Aristotle


Meet and strategize with our growing community. Have a personal blog that you need help growing? Our team of committed writers and entrepreneurs are more than willing to help you get your online business off the ground.


Every article you submit is sent out to our social media networks with thousands of followers collectively. The chances to grow your online presence increase greatly with each additional piece submitted to our network.



The Global Millennial has published hundreds of in-depth articles that focus on international relations. Our work has been featured in numerous publications such as The Huffington Post, Observer magazine, Forbes, Apple News and Newsweek. We have accumulated over two-million views throughout our networks, and our platform is growing every day.  Writers for The Global Millennial will be introduced into a unique networking opportunity for online blogging, economics, finance, and political ideas. You will be in contact with youth leaders of tomorrow, as well as already established experts in the field.


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